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How To Choose The Perfect Hair Brush

How to choose a hairbrush by hair type 

There can be lots of confusion regarding picking the perfect hair brush for your hair type. We are here to help. We have created this handy guide to make the process easy without second guessing.

By Hair Type:

All Hair Types - Superbrush, Pneumatic with Pins, Natural Bristle

Fine Hair - Natural Bristle, Superbrush, Pneumatic with Pins

Medium or Thick Hair - Mixed Bristle, Superbrush

Coarse or Curly Hair - Pneumatic Brushes, Superbrush

By Bristle Type:

Superbrush - Excellent for all hair types

Pneumatic with Pins - All Hair Types, excellent for coarse or curly hair

Natural Bristles - All hair types as a finishing brush to add shine. Especially beneficial to thinning and fine hair

Mixed Bristle - All hair types especailly Medium or thick hair

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