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Janeke Extreme Volume Vented Brush

White with Pink

About the brush

Get a firm grip on a curved handle of your vented brush to create that extreme volume when you blow-dry your hair.

Modern, unique design of this brush makes it a beautiful and successful tool in creating your desired hair style. 

  • Heat resistant
  • Detangles wet and dry hair 
  • Great for blow-drying
  • Works for men and women

Shaping the history of beauty since 1830

200 years since its foundation, Jäneke group maintains its leading position in the haircare market thanks to the commitment to a constant development.
Innovation and technology to keep up with the times and the demands of the market, spanning from historic and fascinating materials inspired by tradition such as antler, celluloid, galalith, to injected printed plastic materials.

We place at the center of our work values like craftsmanship and creativity, offering products that are entirely made in Italy and by hand, focusing on the design and the quality of their materials.
The story of Jäneke started in Italy and has now become a reality in every corner of the world, reaching a very high level of recognizability and buyer’s loyalty.